13 Sep

Horse Stable Cake

This is the Horse Stable Cake I made for my daughters 3rd birthday.

Horse Stable Cake
Side view showing the spilled water bucket and the leads for the horses.

I had fun and learned a lot from making this cake. This is the first shaped cake I have made and I think it is a good place to start. It was not too difficult to layer the cakes and get the stable shape. Mine is not perfect but you can hide some of the mistakes under the decorations and nobody will ever know 🤫.

Horse Stable Cake
Front View of my Horse Stable Cake.

My daughter loves horses and I searched around to see what cake to do and eventually I saw this and had to give it an attempt.

I followed a great tutorial by Little Cherry Cake Company , I just changed the colours of my Horse Stable Cake.😊

Horse Stable Cake
Side View Showing hay bales and climbing roses.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this cake and hope that I will be able to start posting more regularly now. My eldest daughter is starting school and I hope that the twins will continue to sleep during the day so that I have got some time to share with you all.

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