Version 3

Hello and Welcome to Recipes of My Art.  I love to cook, bake and paint.  I am from South Africa and that is where I started to cook, bake and paint but since moving to Italy my passions have grown.

I do love Italian food and since moving here my tastes have changed and grown (and are still growing) however I still do not eat red meat (and many other things too…i’m quite fussy actually).  I enjoy trying and cooking different types of food, while maybe that is not quite true.  I find it hard to try new things incase they are not as good as what I would normally get.  I think I ordered the same pizza for over a year and then changed for a different type which is a basic margarita at the moment.

I started painting in South Africa when I was about 21 years old and have been painting on and off since. I try and paint when I can and am trying to do it on a daily basis but sometimes the paintings do not work out, just the same as my cooking ( this is my blog if you are interested in my art work ).

I cook for my husband and myself and I try to drop some little pieces of food on the floor for our little dog, Lola to find :). We love to have friendsLola over for dinner and they are sometimes my testers too.  I try to write a weekly menu and always like to try and cook a few new recipes a week (but there are still some staple favourites that I do such as a chicken braai (South African way of saying Barbecue)).

My cookbook collection is rapidly growing and so has my waistline since being in Italy but one cannot resist the delicious food that you can get here.  I try not to bake too much as this does not help with the waistline but I must admit I have a very sweet tooth and can never say no!

I have no formal training in cooking or photography so I am hoping I will learn a lot from my new adventure and I hope you will enjoy the food recipes that I share with you.