Asparagus Pea Lasagna

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Hi,  today I am sharing with you a recipe for Asparagus Pea Lasagna.  It is really easy to make and the asparagus, peas and edamame beans all go together really well.

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If you can’t get green lasagna you can easily use the normal lasagna.  I just broke my lasagna to fit my dish which was 29cm x 18cm x 7cm in size.

You will have 4 layers of béchamel sauce and 3 layers of lasagna.  You must start the lasagna with a layer of béchamel sauce otherwise you pasta sheets may not cook as there may not be enough liquid to cook them.

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Cheddar cheese can be used instead of fontina and parmesan cheese.  It is important that you test the béchamel sauce before you add extra salt as the cheeses are salty already.

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If you don’t have a asparagus you can make the lasagna using all different kinds of beans if you prefer.

Have a good weekend and I hope you enjoy xx

Asparagus and Pea Lasagna

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Servings 4 - 6


  • 300 - 350 g fresh baby asparagus chopped into 1 cm pieces (bought weight 450g)
  • 150 g frozen peas defrosted
  • 150 g edamame beans
  • 100 g butter
  • 100 g plain flour
  • 1 litre full cream milk
  • 100 g parmesan cheese grated
  • 80 g fontina grated
  • 9 pieces of green lasagna
  • salt and pepper


  • Preheat the oven to 180°C
  • To make the béchamel sauce - In medium pot, on a low heat melt the butter, whisk the flour into the butter for about 5 minutes, until it is all absorbed. (It will become a thick paste - a roux). Slowly add the milk, pouring a bit at a time into the roux, whisking continuously. The mixture will start to thicken and resemble a white sauce. Once all the milk has been added, continue to mix for about 5 minutes over a low heat, until the sauce thickens. Remove from the heat and add the 80g of grated parmesan cheese and the fontina and mix until it is all incorporated. Check seasoning and add salt and pepper as needed.
  • Put a small pot onto boil and cook the edamame beans for 5 minutes, drain with a colander and the pop the beans out of the skin.
  • Cook the asparagus in boiling water between 2 - 5 minutes (depending on the size of you asparagus) and the drain and rinse under cold water.
  • Mix the asparagus, peas and beans all together in the béchamel sauce.
  • In a dish around the size 29cm x 18cm x 7cm, place one quarter of the béchamel sauce in the bottom and then a layer on lasagna then béchamel sauce, pasta, béchamel sauce and pasta and the final layer of béchamel sauce on top.
  • Sprinkle with the remaining 20g of parmesan cheese and place in the oven and cook for 25 - 30 minutes.
  • Remove and serve.


Asparagus and Pea Lasagna

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