Angel In sugarpaste

Christmas Angel

Hi All,

I hope you are all well, with Christmas around the corner, I wanted to make a Christmas Angel. I have put together all the little videos I was able to capture to make her.

Below are the main materials used to create my angel. I used a polystyrene cone and cut a tiny bit of the top off, I also cut a tiny bit off the polystyrene ball, the flat part of the ball will be the back of the head.  In the end I did not use the blue, I was going to use it in her hair but I changed my mind at the last minute 🙂

Christmas Angel

The first thing I did was to make the legs for the angel as they will need to set a bit or else they will not hold their shape.

Making the Angels Legs

Once you have made your legs you will need to cover your polystyrene cone with your white sugar paste. Roll your paste out add some water to your cone and then place the paste around your cone, where it joins, cut off the excess and smooth down.

Making the wings and Halo

The wings and halo will also need to be made in advance. Below is a little tutorial of how I made the wings.  You will need to draw some wings the size you prefer on some paper (i used some hard plastic from a folder).


Face Modelling

Below is a video of how I modelled the face for my angel.  I used a polystyrene, some modelling paste and a little bit of water on the polystyrene to make it stick.

Painting Eyebrows

If you would like to see how I painted the eyebrows on my angel there is a quick little video below.  To paint her eyebrows, I used a little bit of bronze edible dust mixed with a little bit of brown and then to make it a paint I added some Alcohol.

There are a few other videos on my YouTube Channel showing you some of the other steps I used to create my Christmas Angel.

Angel In sugarpaste

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Season

Keep well xx

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