Christmas Dog Cake Topper

Christmas Dog Cake Topper

HI, I hope you are all keeping well. So it is just under 3 weeks till Christmas, I have just put our Christmas tree up so it is feeling very Christmassy at the moment and the kids are getting very excited! I wanted to make a Christmas Dog Cake Topper, I have a little toy poodle and a big love for dogs, so i could not resist 🙂

Christmas Dog Cake Topper

Tutorial and Materials Used

For this Christmas Dog Cake Topper I used Saracino Modelling paste. I mixed my own brown, the black, red and tiffany blue are premixed. I also used 1 dust colour for this Topper some white paint and a black edible pen.

Weight of pastes use:

  • Black sugar paste 40g wings (20g each wing but one cut it will be under 10g)
  • Brown Body – 50g
  • Brown Head – 40g
  • Brown Legs – 6g each
  • Brown ears – 4g each
  • White – Tummy, Face & eyes -12g
  • Red Bow – 15g
  • Pink Light – Small amout
  • Tiffany Blue – small amount

Other materials used:

  • 4cm Polystyrene Ball
  • Black edible pen
  • Ball tool,
  • Dresden Tool & silicone modelling tool
  • Craft knife.
  • Petal cutter – 4cm x 3.5cm
  • Pink Petal dust
  • White Paint
  • Blue Dust

Below I will show you how I made a this Christmas Dog Cake Topper.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful. I am hoping to post some more festive creation soon, at the moment I am struggling with sick children. Please tag me and share the creations you make with me 😊
Keep well xx

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