Flower Dancer Wafer Paper Cake

Flower Dancer Wafer Paper Cake

Hi, I hope you are all well. This is the latest cake I made making over 100 hydrangeas out of wafer paper. I made this cake for the communion of my niece.

Flower Dancer Wafer Paper Cake

Below you can watch a short quick version of how I made my hydrangea flowers. Further down you can see a longer and slower version.

To accompany the dancer wafer paper flower cake I was asked to make some cake pops, chocolate hearts and mini magnums.

Cake pops and Chocolate hearts
Cake pops and Chocolate hearts
A short video

I had so much fun creating and decorating the cake and pops as can be seen the color theme was purple/viola. On the wafer paper flowers I added some pink flowers and a few green leaves.

Mini Magnum’s
Mini Magnum’s

Tutorial and Materials Used For Wafer Paper Flowers

For this Flower Dancer wafer Paper Cake I used Saracino wafer paper and for the dancer I used Saracino Modelling paste mixed with CMC.

Materials used:

  • Saracino Wafer Paper
  • Wafer paper glue
  • Florist wire – White
  • White Florist tape
  • David Austin rose veiner
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Gel colour in purple
  • Petal dust – variety of purple/ violet shade and pink and fuchsia
  • Petal dust – white, pearl
  • Clear alcohol
  • Water
  • Wafer paper conditioner
  • Egg shell foam

Below I will show you how I made my Flower Dancer wafer Paper Cake.

5 minute video Talking you through what I did.

There is another way that you can make quicker Hydrangeas and that is using stamp cutter however i decided to do it this way as I wanted a lot of character and a realistic looking flower. Below you can also find a template that I used to cut the petals out.

Step 1

Make you stamens using 24 gauge wire, let the paste dry a little before you colour the paste on the wire.

Step 2

Cut out all you petals first, then use wafer paper condition and a tiny bit of gel colour to colour the conditioner. Paint over a tiny bit of conditioner, don’t over wet the wafer paper as it will be too stick and you will not be able to use it. Dust over a little bit of corn start and then place the petal into the veiner. Push gently down on the veiner, take the petal out and place to dry on you egg shell foam.

Step 3

Once you petal has nearly dried but not completely you and dust it with you chosen colour, you can add a bit of clear alcohol and turn your dust to more of a paint consistency and paint it on, allow to dry. Finally add your colour in my case i used more of a fuchsia to the inside of the petal to bring it to life.

Step 4

Once you petals are about 90% dry you can put you hydrangea together. On my fourth petal you can see in the video that i cut it a bit at the bottom so it would go together nicely. Place upside down or in you foam to dry.

  • Cut 4 petals per flower, for my cake 90% of the flowers were using the small petal number 2.
  • I made the cutting out stage go faster I folded the wafer paper in half and cut 2 petals out at a time.
  • You can use a universal leaf to make some leaves.
  • To condition your wafer paper there are a few ways depending you your weather and humidity levels. I used the same conditioner as Anna from and my templates are based on hers too.  If your weather is very humid you can make your conditioner with alcohol and water. 
  • 2:1 Alcohol : Glycerin (Food Grade) or 4:1 Water : Glycerin

Please find the Hydrangea Template Below

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful. Please tag me and share the creations you make with me 😊
Keep well xx

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