Halloween Skull Cake Topper

Halloween Skull Cake Topper

Hi, I can’t believe it is nearly the middle of the month. Is the time flying by fast for you too? I have tried something new in this tutorial for my Halloween Skull Cake Topper. Let me know what you think.

Halloween Skull Cake Topper
Halloween Skull Cake Topper

Tutorial and Materials Used

For this tutorial I used very few tools and a 50g of Saracino Modelling paste. I used some purple, black and white paste. For the dusting I used black, pink and lavender dust food colour.

The materials I used were: ball tools, water, craft knife, rolling pin, dusting brush and a dresdend/ veining tool.

If you are having difficulty with your sugar paste, if it is too sticky you can add some tylo powder to you paste to make it a bit firmer. You can also add some corn starch on your board or onto your cake topper or hands so it is does not stick.

Below I will show you In the video how I made my Halloween Skull Cake Topper.

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful! I tried to do my first voice over ☺️ Let me know if you understand everything that I am saying 😅

If you missed my last post I showed you how I made a Halloween Pumpkin Cake Topper, check it out here if you missed it. I hope to have another tutorial coming soon. Please tag me and share with me your creations you make 😊

Keep well xx

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