Making a couple of Gnomes

Hi All,

I hope you are all keep well. It seemed to have been a very long weekend here, there was lice at school and yip you guess what. Ours girls got it.  They are all in the same class at school due to Covid, so this weekend I have spent my weekend doing the girls hair and washing a lot of bed linen.

Any how,  I made some sugar gnomes and I did a little video on how I cover a polystyrene ball.



When I cover a polystyrene ball I generally make the sugar ball the same size as the polystyrene ball.

To give my male gnome stability I used toothpicks in his legs and then 1 to hold is head onto his body.


If you are wondering what is behind the male gnome, it is a little heart for his misses 🙂




In my next post is to show you how I made a fox.

Keep well xx

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