Pink Panther Cake Topper

Pink Panther Cake Topper tutorial

HI, I hope you are all well. I want to share with you my Pink Panther Cake topper Tutorial.

The other day I was wanting to make something cute, easy and fun! I don’t know why or how but i decided on Pink Panther. The picture below is the first Pink Panther Cake topper I created and in the video I will show you how easy it is to create your own Pink Panther

Pink Panther Cake Topper

Tutorial and Materials Used

So for this tutorial I used very little materials and tools, I made my Pink Panther out of Saracino Modelling paste in pink and just added some white to get the colour I wanted. I also used only 1 dust colour and that was a pink/magenta luster dust.

I placed the Pink Panther on a 10cm cake dummy and used wire to keep him stable.

Weight of pastes use:

  • Head 23g
  • Body 32g
  • Legs 10g total
  • Feet 4g total
  • Tail 5g each
  • Arms 6g total
  • Ears 3g total + a small piece of lighter pink for the inside of the ear
  • Hands 1.5g each
  • Black sugarpaste
  • Yellow sugarpaste

Other materials used, 10cm dummy cake, 18 and 24 gauge florist wire, 1 tooth picks, ball tools, silicone modelling tool, water 3.5cm and 2cm round cutter and a craft knife.

Below I will show you how I made Pink Panther Cake Topper.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful, Keep well xx

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