Unicorn cake topper

Small Unicorn Cake topper And Cake

Hi all,

Time is flying by and many things have happened. I hope to once again get back on the wagon and post more regularly. Here is a video showing you how I made of a unicorn cake topper. I then decided to turn the small unicorn topper and make it into a the top tier of a cake or a small cake. I wanted to try and paint a bit on the cake and have the read of the baby unicorn emerging for the cake.

Below is the video of how I made the main Unicorn.

Here are the amount of the sugarpast and material required:

  • 3cm polystyrene ball
  • Cocktail stick
  • rolling pin
  • craft knife
  • dresdend tool
  • ball tools
  • makeup dusting brushes
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • wire cutters
  • round cutters
  • glue
  • water
  • small cake dummy
  • dust colours
  • 50g white Paste for face
  • 4g white ears
  • 90g body
  • 10g each leg
  • 5g small part of leg
  • Yellow sugar paste for the horn and hooves
  • 20g tail
  • 50g unicorn mane
Unicorn Cake topper

Once I had made my cake topper I decided I wanted to do more, so I covered a cake (in my case a small dummy cake of 10cm ). I made a little unicorn head and painted the body of the the baby unicorn on the cake. The baby unicorn head I made in the same way as the larger Unicorn, however I used a smaller polystyrene ball 2cm and 20g of sugarpaste. I used a cocktail stick, to attach the unicorn head to the cake.

Unicorn Cake topper

Making Easy Sugar Flowers

I then went on to decorate the cake and bring it all together. I wanted to make some easy flowers to bring in more colour and cuteness to the cake. Below you will see how I achieved this. The flowers are made using a little flowerpaste in you chosen colour and sugar glue to stick them on.

Here is my final creation of my cake. I made some clouds using different sizes of polystyrene balls and then covered them with sugar paste, some little hand made stars and of course, I think, a rainbow is definitely needed 🙂

Unicorn cake topper

I hope you all keep well,

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