HI, I hope you are all well. So with about 10 days till Christmas, the stress is starting to set in 😅 I wanted to make a Snowman Cake topper so I came up with these 2 little guys. It was meant to snow here yesterday but it did not! I was relieved but the kids were not.

Snowman Cake Topper

Tutorial and Materials Used

For this Snowman Cake Topper I used Saracino Modelling paste, in the colours black, red and white. I had a piece of magenta so i used that for the little snowman. I also used 2 dust colour for this Topper, some white paint and a black edible pen.

Weight of pastes use:

Other materials used:

Below I will show you how I made my Snowman Cake Topper.

Below is a video I did a while ago showing you how I covered some florist wire with tape. This is what I used for the arms of the snowman.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful. I am hope you can hear me properly between my dog – Lola and myself with a wee cold. Please tag me and share the creations you make with me 😊
Keep well xx

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