Easter Bunny made with sugarpaste

Easter Bunny

HI All,

I hope you are all well, happy and ready for Easter. With Easter here, I wanted to make something cute, easy and fast and I know I won’t have much time with having the kids at home for the Easter holidays. I decorated her using some easy leave and little blue eggs.

Easter Bunny made with sugarpaste

Tutorial and Materials Used

So for this tutorial I used very little, she is (or you can make it into a boy) made with Saracino Modelling paste. I used white and pink. The pink I used was a dark pink and added white to vary the pink shade. I also used only 1 dust and that was a pink/magenta luster dust.

I placed the bunny on a 10cm cake dummy and used a skewer to keep her stable, the skewer went through her leg that was pointed and then through her body and her head was added to the top.

Weight of pastes use:

  • Head 70g
  • Body 60g
  • Legs 15g each
  • Shoulders 4g each
  • Arms 7g each
  • Ears 7g white, 4g pink
  • Bow 10g

Other materials used, 3cm polystyrene ball, 10cm dummy cake, 20 gauge florist wire, 2 tooth picks, large ball tool, silicone modelling tool, water and craft knife.

Below I will show you how I made my cute Easter Bunny.

I hope you have found the tutorial useful for the Easter bunny, I will add a video of how I made the leaves too.

The Easter Bunny is something the kiddos could make over the long weekend, something fun and easy to do.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful, Keep well xx

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