Hot Cross Buns – Paul Hollywood

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Hi, I hope you had a lovely weekend.  Today I am sharing Hot Cross Buns by Paul Hollywood.

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This was my first attempt at making Hot Cross Buns and I am so thankful that I did 🙂  They were great!  I was going through my cook books and all the different recipes for Hot Cross Buns and I decided on this one by Paul Hollywood in his book How to Bake as it had apple in it and though that sounded wonderful.

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I must say that you do need to set aside some time to prepare the Hot Cross Buns but it is really worth it.



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The recipe can be read on Paul Hollywood’s website – Hot Cross Buns.  I did not change a lot in this recipe but I could not find a good mix of peel so I decide to use a mix of dried tropical fruit and it worked out great.  I ended up only using about 50ml of water out of the 120ml so add the water very slowly.

I would also suggest that you watch the cooking time as they can brown quite quickly, I turned my oven down when I saw that they were quite brown and still needed some time to cook, you could also place some tinfoil over them instead when you see them browning.

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So with easter next weekend I would definitely skip on the bought Hot Cross Buns and make these.  I decided not to write this recipe out as I do not think I could improve on the instructions and I’m sure I would end up just confusing you instead 🙂

Here is the link again if you missed it earlier Paul Hollywood’s website – Hot Cross Buns.

I hope you give these Hot Cross Buns a try, they are not difficult to make at all just a little time consuming but are amazing and I’m sure you will be thankful xx


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